Colors of the night

Art is long, life is short

My thoughts about my life and my place in it are very close to the meaning of this famous proverb. What if I waste my time on getting economic education, what if all these figures and market researches won’t give me personal growth? What if I won’t become someone I’d like to? I understand that I’m only 22 and I have a lot of time in reserve. But what if my life ends tomorrow?

I want to become a famous painter. I draw almost every evening, I read articles on arts and visit art exhibitions, but I feel it isn’t enough. Maybe this blog will give me a sign and I’ll understand what I may change in my life now to be happy in the future.

My acquaintance with Leonid Afremov

Last Christmas my old friend invited me to visit an exhibition at one private gallery. There were three exhibition halls at the gallery, different artists and styles were represented:

  • In the first hall, I saw famous paintings by classic authors.
  • The second displayed canvases by modern artists.
  • The third was dedicated to the folk trend in art.

When I entered the second hall I couldn’t take my eyes off each modern art canvas. There are lots of techniques and styles in modern art! I wish I could acquire some new experience to improve my own technique of painting. I must definitely visit some art classes. But let’s come back to the exhibition. The greatest excitement was waiting for me when I saw Leonid Afremov’s “Night boulevard.” This painting is a real masterpiece. On the canvas we can see all the beauty and mystery of the city night. The night shows us other colors — you won’t find any of them in the daylight. Ever since I visited that exhibition, I dream to buy abstract canvas art on Leonid Afremov’s website, which I’ll mention below.

What does the world know about him?

The assistant at the gallery told me about Leonid Afremov. He is a Russian–Israeli modern impressionist, a mature artist. He works mainly with a palette knife and oil. Afremov is a great landscape, seascape and portrait painter. But the main genre he works in is cityscape. You should really see his pictures! They are so bright and colorful! His ability to capture the colors of the night can’t leave anyone indifferent. If you want to beautify your living room with a contemporary art canvas, buy one of his paintings! Leonid Afremov has his own web gallery. If you want to purchase a nice picture, but you don’t have time to visit art exhibitions, his web gallery offers a great number of paintings and canvas art sets for sale!

image (1)

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